About the Journal

Transnational Asia envisions Asia in transnational time and space. Interdisciplinary, transhistorical, and trans-spatial in approach, Transnational Asia publishes scholarship that challenges traditional understandings of Asia, moving beyond the confines of area studies and nation-state focus and capturing the emergent forms of Asia-related, Asia-inspired, and Asia-driven themes and sites of inquiry in the world today.

Grand challenges today in politics, economics, social justice, immigration, armed conflicts, and environmental issues are creating an overlapping effect between the Asian and the global, making it necessary that we re-craft the existing framework of Asian Studies. Intensifying flows of people, goods, ideas, and culture within Asia and between Asia and the rest of the world attest to that. We do not hold a utopic view about nation-state boundaries; they do exist, and disputes over and about them, involving concerns over sovereignty and nationalism, often result in immense human and environmental disasters. At the same time, we now live in an age where human movements across national borders are happening in an unprecedented scale, delivering new conflict, new tragedy, and new anxieties, but also new knowledge, new forms of life, and new communities. The journal aims to address this complexity, working around and against, while critically dealing with national boundaries, in order to precisely capture transnational Asia and beyond.

Transnational Asia stands on a multidisciplinary premise, encouraging scholars in broad humanistic and social scientific disciplines to submit their work. Being a web-only journal, our goal is to turn our journal into a space where highly engaging scholarly discussions on transnational Asian themes are posted in a timely manner free from the constraints of traditional journal publication. At the same time, we uphold scholarly rigor and, therefore, all main articles will be peer-reviewed. Additionally, each issue will have a specials section with two or more articles discussing an overlapping theme and review articles whereby authors present their views on the basis of two or more books recently published.

Transnational Asia is a web journal published by the Chao Center for Asian Studies and its editorial office is located in the Chao Center for Asian Studies, Rice University. Prospective authors are encouraged to make preliminary inquiry by directly contacting the Editor-in-Chief.