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The discipline of anthropology originated from the Imperial cores of the West reaching out to the Imperial peripheries governed by the West. This left an unexpectedly under explored region, East Asia. Even though the West’s grip over China was powerful, no Western Imperialist Powers actually colonized the entire continent. In the meantime, Japan emerged as a formidable Imperial force in the East. This history, as it happens, was to set the winding course for anthropological study of East Asia. Whereas kinship terms, ritual procedures, and other conceptual pillars of anthropology, which were to also become the structural base of anthropological theory, derived from the Western colonies such as Africa, the Indian subcontinent, and Melanesia, East Asia’s ethnographic data were left out of the formation of the Western anthropological corpus in the early twentieth century. What kind of challenges is this history positing us today? And, by way of contrast, what kind of potentials and rewards do we possess?

Transnational Asia is calling for contributions to a special issue entitled: Anthropology of East Asia: Challenges and Rewards. Please send an abstract of about 200 words to Amber Szymczyk,

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